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        Elizabeth Duggan

        Elizabeth Duggan
        Senior Vice President, Transformation Office

        Elizabeth Duggan joined Campbell as Senior Vice President, Transformation Office, in September 2019. She reports to Mark Clouse, President and CEO, and is a member of the Campbell Leadership Team.

        Elizabeth leads and supports critical work to transform Campbell and successfully execute the company’s focused strategic plan. She will oversee the implementation of our new operating model, continuous process improvement, and ongoing enterprise strategy planning. Through disciplined change management practices, Elizabeth and her team will support the rapid adoption of more effective and consistent ways of working across Campbell.

        Before joining Campbell, Elizabeth worked at McKinsey & Company for nearly a decade. She focused on commercial strategy, organizational transformations and cost reduction programs, serving global Fortune 200 companies in the consumer goods and retail sectors. In addition, Elizabeth worked as Vice President-Operations at Home Chef, one of the fastest-growing meal kit companies that was later acquired by Kroger.

        Elizabeth studied pre-modern Chinese History, earning an M.A. as part of a Ph.D. program at Yale University. Before Yale, she spent three years in Taipei studying Mandarin and Chinese History at National Taiwan University. Elizabeth graduated with an M.A. in Chinese Studies from the University of Sheffield in England and an undergraduate degree in Classical and Middle East studies from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.